HR Form of the Week: Timesheet/Time Record

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This week, the HR Form of the Week is the: Timesheet/Time Record

For clients with access to the Forms Library, you can locate the document as follows:

It is of vital importance to track your employees’ hours worked. Use this form to record working and break times for your employees. If you have an electronic time clock, use this as an opportunity to check if all starting and end times, as well as break times are set up to record properly.

Employers may also want to implement an attestation program through which employees can confirm, on a regular basis (such as each week or at the end of each pay period), whether they received legally compliant opportunities to take timely and duty-free meal, rest and recovery breaks when required under state law. Such attestation can be found on this HR Form of the Week and can be copied on your existing timesheets.

We hope you find this information valuable and that it helps to make your HR experience easier and more efficient. 

How to download the HR Form of the Week:

  1. Click the “Download Timesheet/Time Record” button
  2. Click “File”
  3. Click “Download”

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