How To Get Financial Help Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

We at Guardian know that employers have many questions about resources in these unprecedented times. To that end, we have compiled a list of links for various sources of financial help and other information. We will continue to pass along information as it becomes available.
  • The government has set up, which walks users through various options for benefits and relief during the coronavirus outbreak. The site even has a questionnaire aimed at helping users find which benefits apply to them.
  • For those that have lost their job, the Department of Labor offers unemployment benefits, which could include extra disaster unemployment assistance.
  • The U.S. Small Business Association is prepared to help small business and non-profit owners affected by the viral outbreak, offering loans with low interest for up to $2 million in 30 states and Washington D.C.
  • Similarly, the Jewish Free Loan Association is offering loans to those affected by the outbreak with no attached fees or interest.
  • Tipped and service workers have the option to turn to One Fair Wage if they’ve been affected by the coronavirus.
  • CORE, an organization dedicated to providing resources and support to food and beverage service employees with young ones at home, is offering financial assistance to individuals that have tested positive for COVID-19. Medical documentation is required.
  • Restaurants Care currently has grants available for those diagnosed with coronavirus, their caregivers and their immediate family members.
  • The Bartender Emergency Assistance Program is offering grants to bartenders or their children that “lack the necessities of life” in times of crisis.
For those that have to pay student loans, Savi and Student Debt Crisis are offering help that could reduce their monthly payments to $0. The National Domestic Workers Alliance is in high gear and has set up a fund for in-home workers such as nannies and home cleaners. A large list of organizations offering financial assistance to those in the arts has been compiled by Americans for the Arts. The Actors Fund and MusiCares, among many others, are on the list.