HR Form of the Week: Compensation Evaluation Form

Each week, we will feature a different document from our forms library and provide information about where to find it, what it’s used for, and any necessary instructions. With this program, you’ll always be one step ahead of the game when it comes to finding the forms you need.

This week, the HR Form of the Week is the: Compensation Evaluation Form

For clients with access to the Forms Library, you can locate the document as follows:

Checking for wage gaps? Equal Pay? Compliance with new wage reporting regulations? This form can be used as a basis for making salary adjustments and decisions on promotions, bonuses, and more. It provides a tangible way to compare it with other employees in similar positions.

Looking for salary data and benchmarking? Guardian HR has partnered with ThinkWhy to help clients analyze salary data by position (standard and blended roles). Below is the brochure outlining their services for your reference.

    We hope you find this information valuable and that it helps to make your HR experience easier and more efficient. 

    How to download the HR Form of the Week: 

    1. Click the “Download Compensation Evaluation Form” button
    2. Click “File”
    3. Click “Download”

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